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December 27, 2007

Some cool new programs

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I don’t know if this just some fanciful graphics or something truly marvelous. Check it out if you can (it’s for Mac only):

NodeBox | Evolution

The other cool application I stumbled upon:

Scala Ray 

It’s hard to implement a ray-tracer and, yet, these guys seem to have implemented Ambient Occlusion in version 0.1 itself. Render times seem to be a bit slow though.


December 6, 2007

Graph Layout using Genetic Algorithms

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The field of Genetic Programming (GP) has always fascinated me, due to my interest in AI. But GP is a tough nut to crack. Genetic Algorithms (GA) is an easier stepping stone, that I wanted to try first. So, my interest was kindled when I saw jiva-ng, a scala based framework for GA.

After trying out some of the stock examples in the jiva-ng wiki, I was itching to try something a bit more involved, and I decided to try Graph Layout-ing.


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